Too Far Gone

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Too Far Gone by Marliss Melton
Why I read this: Nath review it on her blog and even though she didn't like it I thought that I would like it, so she sent it to me.

Ellie Stuart's life ended the day her children were stolen from her. Driving on a Virginia backroad, Ellie was ambushed by two men who violently pulled her from her car and drove off with her three sons inside. Devastated, Ellie begs the police to bring her babies home. But the authorities wonder if this stressed-out single mom may not be telling the whole truth about what happened that day...

Navy SEAL Sean Harlan agrees to help Ellie find her children, but vows to keep their relationship professional. He's got no room in his life for a woman and her kids--no matter how beautiful she is, or how desperate their situation. But when a sinister organization begins pulling strings behind the scenes, the investigation suddenly targets Sean. Can he and Ellie rescue her children and save themselves? Or are they already...

Three words--Nath was right.
First off, the blurb is misleading. The way it's written makes it sound like she asks him for help, or that he didn't know her before the kids were taken.
A few things; She never asks for his helps. He volunteers, both before and after the kidnapping, to care for the kids. Sean spoils them them toys, games and outings. Once they are kidnapped he is livid and goes out of his way to get them back.

If you look up the word 'inconsistent' in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Sean. (who does not sound at all attractive by the description of him.) He is extremely attracted to Ellie, but over and over again we hear about how he does not date women with children. Then why does he hang around so much? It doesn't make sense that he wont date a mommy because of her kids, but he will still get attached to the kids of someone he is lusting over.
An explanation about that would have been nice, but the author didn't give us one.

Ellie was not an easy character to relate to. As a mother I tend to get emotionaly involved when children are hurt in books. The feeling that come off the pages usually go right to my heart, but that was not the case with Gone Too Far. Anytime Ellie showed grief about her kidnapped sons it rolled off my shoulders. Something was missing, not once did I feel anything for the charaters that would allow me to realate to them.

Romantic Suspense books are a favourite of mine, but this time I could have done without the romance. The sex scenes were misplaced and felt awkward. Almost as if they were thrown in because they had to appear somewhere.

As much as I wanted to like Gone Too Far, and as as much as I thought I would enjoy it, I did not. It's a D book. Everything that one looks for in a romance was missing. Everything one looks for in a good Hero and/or Heroine was missing. IMO, of course.


  1. nath // 4:24 p.m.  

    LOL, always feel good when someone feels the same as me after reading the same book.

    True, Sean didn't sound very attractive ^_^; but then, I don't like bald guy, so I thought perhaps it was just me.

    I just thought the book was off.

  2. Lori // 12:40 a.m.  

    I've read a couple of hers, and they strike me similarly. She claims on her web site to be a huge Brockmann fan, and I can tell that's where she wants to go, but she's not there yet. You have to wonder how long until she either gets there or perfects her own version of the genre. There are plenty of others who have done it fabulously, IMO.

  3. Kristie (J) // 6:45 a.m.  

    This sounds like a good one to pass on so thanks 'cause the cover is very nice and it appeals to the shallow in me. It sounds a bit like Brockman's The Defiant Hero which I hated with a seething passion I have for very few books so chances are I would have passed on it anyway though.