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Footloose, by Leanne Banks
Published by HQN, September 2006
Grade: A

Think working for a leading international shoe company sounds like a dream
job? Not if you're Amelia Parker, an overworked, downtrodden temp working for
Bellagio, Inc.'s grande dame, Lillian Bellagio. But things are looking up for
Amelia. She's just been given the assignment of accompanying Ms. Bellagio to her
estate in the Keys. Trading pumps for flip-flops and a cell phone for a conch
shell -- could be worse, right?

Especially when life on the
island includes her very own mystery man -- one Jack "The Shark" O'Connell,
dashing venture capitalist. He dares Amelia to use this time to do something
wild: drink a hurricane, go skinny-dipping . . . have an affair with a
dangerously attractive man. But Jack may have ulterior motives for his
attentions, and Amelia will have to decide . . . should she kick Prince Charming
to the curb, or step into that glass slipper?

Pretty cool read! Amelia and Jack meet in Florida and there is instant attraction. Amelia who is trying to get over her asshat ex fiance goes on some dates with Mr. Hottie pants Jack. They spend a few weeks together, and having great sex, of course. Amelia is free with the info about herself, but Jack is vague and wont tell her what he really does for a living. It doesn't bother Amelia too much because this is just a wild fling for her, and she wont ever have to see him again.

Several weeks after they last see each other, Amelia goes to work and runs into him. She finds out that he purposely kept information away from her. (like the fact that he knew he would be working at her company) Amelia is pissed and goes out of her way to avoid him. Jack is pretty smitten with her though, and doesn't give up on trying to start up where they left off in Florida.

The thing I liked best about Footloose is that it spands over a few months. They don't just meet, have sex, fall in love then get married. They go through the different stages of courtship. They have problems and they work those problems out together. The biggest was Jack not being totally honest with her about who he is.

I like Amelia because she went from being this really prissy, blushing do-gooder who spent all her time making sure that the man in her life was happy, and not caring about what she wants. She picked her hair, clothes, car and everything else based on what the ex liked. With help from Jack she grew into a woman who made choices depending on what she wants. It was nice to see her loosen up.

There are two other books in this series. They are called Underfoot, and Foot first. This one can be read as a stand alone no problem.


  1. DeeandDee // 5:31 p.m.  

    Ah, I LOVE Leanne's Bilagio (sp?) series. I really hope she does another, I read somewhere that she was only going to write the 3, but then she hinted in a chat that there may be more. I really hope. I love her books and am really interested in seeing how writin with JE will turn out.