Essex sisters

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Essex sister series, by Eloisa James

Published by Avon,
Grade: B if read together. C if you don't them all.
I finally got to finish all 4 books. Written by one of the best Historical authors of our time, Eloisa James.
Orphaned sister are left in the care of the Duke of Halbrook. A rich, but kind man who is addicted to the drink. The sisters are poor and have little when it comes to a dowry.

Much ado about you (Dec 2004)
When Tess realizes that their new guardian doesn't know what to do with 4 sisters (age 15-22) she decides that they should marry. The Duke knows nothing of these things, so she takes charge. As the oldest, she will marry first. She becomes engaged to one man, while wanting another. This Story for Tess and Lucien is really funny. I love how he finally got her to walk down the isle with him.

Kiss me, Annabel (Dec 2005)

Annabel has a short list of what she wants in a husband. He must be rich and English. When a Scottish Earl asks her to marry him, more than once, she says no. She is under the impression that he is poor, and she makes it clear that she does not want a poor man. When the Earl and Annabel are caught together in a compromising position, they are forced to marry. Annabel is upset because she does not want to marry anyone Scottish or poor, but she knows she has no choice. I enjoyed watching these two fall in love. What a nice surprise it was for Annabel to find out that her intended is not the poor Earl she thought him to be. He is rich. Filthy rich.

The taming of the duke (March 2006)
This is the story for Imogen. In book one she eloped, only to have her husband die 14 days later. She tried really hard to have a affair, but it never happened. In her story, Imogen forces Rafe (their guardian) to stop drinking. After he has been off of alcohol for a while he starts to see Imogen in a new light and plans to marry her. At first she has a thing for Rafe's brother, Gabe, but in her heart Rafe is the one she truly loves.

Pleasure for pleasure (November 2006)
The youngest Essex sister is on the marriage market, but becuase of a c
ruel man she has been nicknamed 'the Scottish sausage'. Any male who dances with her is teased by his friends, so she is stuck dancing with friends of the family. The Duke of Mayne helps her become seductive buy making her get rid of her horrible corset, and teaching her how to walk with a sway to her hips. It's a surprising love match, becuase not only is Mayne supposed to be in love with someone else, but Josie has never showed any interest in him before. After Mayne mistakenly thinks that Josie has been ravished he makes her marry him. It's a fitting proposal as none of the Essex sister found love in the usual fashion.

Over all this was a good series. None of the books are any good as a stand alone, though. There are are many sub plots and references to the previous stories, so you have to read all the books (in the proper order or course) for it to make any sence.
I enjoyed these books because not only do they deal with the love and trust the sisters have for one another, but things like addiction, infidelity and womans weight issues are taken seriously.


  1. Kris // 4:29 p.m.  

    I think that I have read two of these and i though they were pretty good. I might have to go back and read them in order.

    PS. I am readng Wild Wicked and Wanton by Jaci Burton and I htink that you will love this book. I am halfway through and it is nice and HOT. I am going to post about it as soon as I finish it.

  2. ames // 4:46 p.m.  

    I haven't read anything by Eloisa James yet. I think I have the third book in my tbr pile, so I'm definitely going to look for the other 3. :P