A game of scandal

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A game of scandal, By Kathryn Smith

Published by Avon, July 2002
Grade: B

About the book:
He had made a proposal of marriage...to a woman who
is now the most scandalous female in London. When Gabriel Warren, the handsome
Earl of Angelwood, offered marriage to Lady Lilith Mallory, he thought his
happiness was complete. But then they were, discovered in very compromising
circumstances - and she disappeared. Now, years later, Gabriel enter's a
notorious London gaming club to shockingly discover that the innocent woman he'd
once wanted for his bride is now its seductive owner.

Lilith is astonished at the sight of Gabriel, and
part of her longs to relive the days - and nights - spent in his arms. But the
man she once loved can destroy the livelihood she has made for herself. For
Gabriel is now a powerful man, one who is determined to shut down her
establishment. Yet with each touch, each kiss, she begins to wonder if they
could ever have a future - and overcome the scandals of their

I actually read this several months ago. I forgot to publish the post. Oops.

I LOVED this one! When Lilith was 17 and Gabriel was one-and-twenty (I just love how they told their age back then) they fell in love. They planned to get married, but before they did they went and had sex. They got caught by Lilith's mother. Ohhhh, rule number one for living in the 1800's-Female member of the ton must be virgins when they marry, and if not, then the one who 'ruined' her must marry her. Well, because of circumstances beyond his control, Gabriel could not ask for Lilith's hand in marriage. She was then shunned by the ton, her parents were embarrassed by her, and they sent her away to live with an aunt.

For 10 years Lilith has wondered why the man who claimed to love her so much didn't marry her. For those same 10 years, Gabe has wondered why Lilith ran off away from him.

Now that they are both in the city they have run into each other, and Gabe is trying to get back up her skirts. A big problem is that Lilith runs a gambling house, and Gabe is dead set against gambling and wants to shut her down.

I adored Lilith. She was feisty and string willed. My type of gal.


  1. Kris // 8:24 p.m.  

    Oh, i remember this book. I enjoyed it alot. I read it before i started keeping my journal. But i know that i have re-read it at least once and still liked it.

  2. nath // 7:54 p.m.  

    this book really sounds great :D Hope it's not too hard to find :D

  3. ames // 10:43 p.m.  

    but before they did they went and had sex