Haley's cabin

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Haley's Cabin, by Anne Rainey
Published by Samhain
Grade: C+

About the book:
Every good girl longs for a chance to be a little naughty.
Raw from an ugly divorce and wrung out from her demanding job, Haley Thorne needs a break. When Haley’s doctor urges her to take a vacation, she heads to her secret cabin in the woods.

The very first night, Haley dreams of an erotic threesome that leaves her panting and aroused. When sexy police detective Jeremy Pickett shows up at her door, she’s shocked: He looks like the man in her midnight fantasy! Level headed Haley unleashes her inner seductress and has a little fun—handcuffs and all!

This was good!
It starts off with a bang when Haley has a pretty hot dream, and then the man of her dreams shows up the very next day at her cabin. Right away Jeremy feels a strong attraction to her, and he wastes no time letting her know what how much he wants her.

When Jeremy finds out that Haley was abused by her husband he is very protective of her. He can't believe that anyone would do anything to hurt such a tiny, amazing woman. Jeremy and Haley have a weekend filled with sex, handcuffs, a hot tub and a video camera. Yeah, baby!

After Jeremy asks Haley to take some time and think about them as a couple, he promises to find her in 2 days, and then they go their separate ways. All they can do it think about each other. Jeremy goes to his brother who happens to be Haley's doctor and gets her address from him. My favourite part is when he gets to her house and gets jealous when he sees a half naked guy standing on the other side of the door, and he punches him! You will have to read the book to find out who the almost nude hottie is.

As much as this was a good lightly-erotic read, I didn't believe it as a romance or love story. I do believe in love at first sight, and sometimes I run across a short story where I believe it, but this time I didn't.

I am looking forward to more work from author, and I really hope there is a book for Brad, the Hero's brother.

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  1. Anne // 12:01 p.m.  

    Crap. And here I was hoping it would be a better book than that. I may give it a try anyway, but I want a deep romance. I don't do light-hearted stuff lately LOL

  2. Holly // 5:22 p.m.  

    I still haven't picked this up yet, but I plan to shortly. But I want to know who the guy is..so, spoil me, will you? PLEASE?