Angel with attitude, by Michelle Rowen
Published by Warner books, July 2006
Grade: C+

About the book:

So You’re A Fallen Angel…Now What?
Golden Scroll
Edition 2.1
Your misdeeds in Heaven have led to this unfortunate situation.
You only have yourself to blame, but here are a few guidelines that may help to
ease your way.

Find somewhere safe to live.
Eat regularly. Three meals a day is standard for human sustenance.
the behavior and interactions of other humans so you will be able to fit in with
them. Suggestion: watch television and go to the movies. Also observe real
humans doing everyday activities.

anyone you are a fallen one. They will not believe you and probably think that
you are simply an insane human. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


You don’t. But do your best to make the most of your
situation. Be good. Help others. Do good deeds. At the end of your human life
(approximately 70 years), you may have balanced the scales for whatever you were
originally expelled for. It is unlikely, but you never know about these things.
However, if you die by natural or unnatural causes before this balance has been
reached, the doors of Heaven will forever be closed to you.

Be wary of any stranger who takes an
interest in your safety and well-being. Tempter Demons are assigned to fallen
ones to lure them to Hell for an eternity of torturous servitude. TEMPTER DEMONS
ARE VERY DANGEROUS. Their methods are underhanded and almost impossible to
resist. You will know one when you see one. Remember to: JUST SAY NO! Do not let
your guard down when confronted with a Tempter or you will regret it. Big time.

Good luck! You’re going to need it.

The Management

Val is a fallen angel. She was kicked out of Heaven because of being guilty of one of the seven deadly sins. Nate is the Tempter Demon who has been assigned to take Val to Hell. Nate is a good looking former human who was never supposed to have been a Demon in the first place. See, the Demon who tempted him into Hell mixed him up with someone else, so Nate isn't really into his Demon work as much as he should be. Lucifer has given Nate one last chance; Either he Tempt Val into Hell, or he is to be turned into a fallen Demon.

Val is falling for Nate, but she can't let him tempt her or else she will go to Hell and be stuck there forever.
With the help of a talking rat and a Summoned Demon who is forced to do whatever she says, Val sets out to get back a stolen key that will open a secret door to Heaven. Oh yeah, the summoned Demon happens to be the same one who has been trying to tempt her into Hell.

Really cute book. There were a few laugh out loud moments courtesy of Reggie, the talking rat. However, as a whole, the book wasn't as funny as the author tried to make it
There are a lot of really interesting characters that we get to meet. Biker Faeries, one eyed monster romance writers, a witch who works at McDonalds, skanky Demons, gorgeous Demons, and even Lucifer himself.

As much as I liked this, I felt that most of the comical parts were forced (minus the rat-all his lines really were naturally funny) I also felt that I had read this all somewhere before. As creative as it all was, it lacked originality. I kept being reminded of others books that had similar things happen, and it blended all together. I didn't like that.

Still though, I'll be on the lookout for more from this author. It was a good read, and if you have not read many paranormals, then this would be great for you because you wont have a bunch of other stories clouding your mind at the same time.


  1. Isabel // 2:06 p.m.  

    It sounds interesting. It's piqued my interest.

  2. Chantal // 10:29 p.m.  

    It was cute, you should read it.
    Plus, the author is Canadian! I like to support Canadian authors.
    Kathryn Smith is Canadian as well.