Tempting the beast

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Tempting the beast, by Lora Leigh (Feline Breeds book 1)
Published by Ellora's Cave, 2003
Grade: B

About the book:

Callan Lyons is a genetic experiment. One of six
fighting for freedom and the survival of their Pride. Merinus Tyler is the
reporter who will tempt him, draw him, until the fury of the “mating frenzy”
locks them into a battle of sexual heat there is no escape from.
blood, and the evil Genetics Council are hot on their trail. Callan will use his
strength to try and save them both…and do all in his power to keep his woman in
the process.

Yummy Breeds! Callan is a man who's DNA was infused the with DNA of a lion before his birth. He, and others like him were nothing more than genetic experiments. He has escaped the people who made him, and with a few others he has swore to protect, they are hiding out.

Merinus is a reporter who wants to help Callan by telling the world about all the horrible torture and experiments that were done to him. Callan thinks that Merinus is naive and doesn't believe that the hunt for him will ever be over.

Anytime Merinus and Callan go near each other they feel an intense attraction. They don;t know it yet, but they are really mates! As soon as they have their first kiss, pheromones are released that make them each hornier than hell. For days they can do nothing but have have sex. When they spend more than a few hours apart they both go into a painful withdrawal that doens't ease up until they are once again in each others arms.

This is a really interesting read, and since it is Lora Leigh, it's sexy as hell! As Zeek likes to call them, these Beasty boys are hot hot hot. I can't wait to gobble up the rest of this series.

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