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Camelot's Destiny by Cynthia Breeding

Britain, Sixth Century A.D. -- A time for pagan magic and Christian piety, a
place of mystery, treachery and dark enchantment. Here the legend of Camelot was
born and with it, bold passions and forbidden desires... Young, lovely and
willful, Gwenhwyfar is chosen by Arthur to be his wife, an honor she reluctantly
accepts. Soon, however, she cannot ignore the awakening passion Britain's new
king ignites. He is a lover who delights her with his touch,yet whose desires
are not shared with her alone. Seared by the forbidden kiss of Arthur's most
trusted warrior, Lancelot, Gwenhwyfar is swept up into a world of unbidden
passion, torn by loyalty and love for a husband who betrays her and a man she
cannot have. But in a time where good and evil clash, where magic and chivalry
reign...love will prove as fierce a weapon as any sword...

There are a million versions of the story of Gwen, King Arthur and Sir Lancelot. I have read around 5 or 6 of them. This one is my favourite. You fall in love with both King Arthur & Lance, and you want her to be with both of them. Unfortunately she may only be with one. Even though they are both in love with the same woman, the friendship between the two hero's is a great one.

Midnight Magic by Barbara Hazard
Beautiful young heiress Elinor Fielding was an orphan and afraid when she came
to Mordyn Castle on the wild and windswept Cornish Coast. But the warm welcome
of her father's old friend, Sir Robert Grenville, made her feel at home. And the
warmth in the gaze of his handsome son Jonathan, made her feel not only wanted
but passionately desired. There was someone else who desired her as well. A man
of mystery who entered her locked room like a ghost yet was made of all too real
solid flesh and fiery blood.
A dreamlike lover to whom she surrendered body
and soul as he filled endless night after night with -- Midnight Magic . . .

This was the first historical I ever read, and it made me fall in love with romance. There is a little bit of mystery, and a whole lot of a love. I have read it several times.

Strangers when we meet by Rebecca Winters

During Desert Storm, Rosie Armstrong's husband went off to war. He didn't
return. She was told that he was missing in action--and presumed dead. For
years, she couldn't accept that Nick was dead, couldn't believe it. But she got
on with her life because she had to--for her child's sake. Eventually she met
another man and allowed herself to fall in love with him. She's finally said yes
to Zach's proposal of marriage... And then there's a phone call. "Your husband's
not dead." He was a prisoner of war all those years, kept hidden in Iraqi
bunkers. He's coming home. A stranger.

Not very romantic, but a true love story. This one stayed with me for a long time after the first time I read it. It's filled with real life emotions and I can see it being based on a true story, or happening to anyone with a spouse fighting in the (idiotic) war.

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  1. Kris // 8:07 a.m.  

    I have not heard of any of these. cool! I will have to look out for them. Thanks.

  2. Rowena // 2:26 a.m.  

    Oh dang, I've never heard of ANY of these books...how crazy, it's going on the list though, thanks for the heads up on these Chantal! =)

  3. Chantal // 11:16 a.m.  

    Hey girls, Camelot's Destiny is still in stores if you want to ut it :)