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Underfoot by Leanne Banks
Published by HQN
Grade: DNF

Bellagio, Inc. public relations genius Trina Roberts had been a bad, bad girl
when she'd gone to bed with a recently jilted groom and wound up pregnant.
knew Walker Gordon wasn't looking for forever -- at least not with her.
So when
he took a job overseas, she sort of neglected to tell him about the
baby on the
way. Well, now he's back . . . and he's just figured out the
truth. Walker had
been reeling from a very public breakup when Trina had
offered solace he
couldn't deny. He'd never expected the result would make
him somebody's daddy!
Trina claimed not to need anything from him, but he
was determined that his
child have a father; he just didn't know if it
should be him. Because a father's
shoes . . . well, those he wasn't sure he
could fill.

I adored the other two books in this series, so I'm disappointed at not being able to gush about this one.

After Walker is dumped at the Alter on live TV, he drowns his sorrows in lots of booze, and ends up having a wild night of hot sex with Trina.

Walker moves to Paris for a year not knowing that he has gotten Trina pregnant. Since he lives far away Trina decides that she doesn't have to tell him that he is a father.

When he comes back and finds out that he has a 6 month old daughter he does some research on google, and realises that little girls who grow up without a daddy are at a disadvantage in life. Since his daddy and his Grandfather were dead beat dads, he doesn't think that he can be a good dad either. His solution is to give Trina lots of money, and to help her find a suitable man to marry and be a good daddy to baby Maddie.

So many things got on my nerves in this book. I can't even finish it.
- Trina thinking about killing her baby when she finds out she is pregnant.
- Trina not telling Walter about the pregnancy.
- Walker acting so indifferent about his daughter.
- All the women in labour crying for epidural.
- Dora the assistant getting away with being a complete horses ass.
- Trina wanting to hire a nanny. Um hello, she has one kid. Maddie is already in daycare, and now she needs a nanny?
- Everyone telling Trina that it's time she started dating when she wasn't ready to.
-Walker wanting to date Trina, but still not wanting to tell people that he is the father of her baby.

If it was just a few of those things, then it would not bother me. But I can only take so many 'little things' before they start to ruin a book. I admit that it's all about personal preference, and if none of those things bother you, then you might just love this book as much I loved the other 2 in the series.

Also, this story line has been done a million times. Perhaps if I liked the Hero and Heroine better, then I would have been able to get through it.
I'm going to keep the bookmark in the book, and leave it on my dresser. I liked the other books in this series a heck of a lot, so I want to give this one another chance sometime soon.

For now it's a DNF. Sorry.
The other books are,
Footloose and Feet first


  1. nath // 7:38 a.m.  

    Sorry you didn't like it as much... I guess because I don't have kids, the things that annoyed you, didn't annoy me. Underfoot was actually the first book of the series that I've read and I liked it well enough :D

  2. Chantal // 8:19 a.m.  

    I really felt bad for not reading all of it, so last night I tackled the last few chapters. Ugh. my DNF review is a lot nicer than what I think of it now that it's been read all the way through, so I'll just keep it there as a DNF.

  3. nath // 9:39 p.m.  

    LOL all right :D I agree the ending wasn't great, but still... like I said, perhaps it's because I don't have kids.

  4. Chantal // 10:03 p.m.  

    That could very well be, cause my biggest issue with the Heroine was her parenting.
    The Hero did a pretty good job at pissing me off too.

    The other two books were awesome though.
    Oh, and covers are way cool.