Child of her heart

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Child of her heart by Cheryl St.John
Published by Silhouette Books
Grade: A

After enduring so much tragedy, Meredith Malone celebrated her latest triumph--delivery of a healthy baby girl! Meredith's dream of motherhood had finally come true despite the fact that little Anna happened to be a different race than her mommy. To escape the media barrage due to the clinic's obvious mix0up of donor sperm, Meredith headed to the shore. . .and into the arms of Justin Weber. This sexy attorney made the quiet nights and peaceful days away from the city ripe with a passion she'd never experienced. But was his mysterious, secretive nature hiding something? Or had past experience taught her to find something wrong with this man who was oh-so-right--as a husband and a daddy?

I can't even count how many times I have read this book. I enjoy it every time.

Meredith has had a rough couple of years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, and during a time when she needed him the most, her fiance left her. That left with her with trust issues, so when she decided to have a baby, she wanted to do it alone. Deciding on the Children's Connection clinic for invitro, she had a baby.

Somehow there was a mix up and Meredith ended up giving birth to a half black baby. Even though Meredith accepted her baby (as she should!) her mother was a different story. she was trying to make Meredith sue the clinic. Meredith did not want to do that. She may not have gotten the exact baby she thought she was getting, but the baby is hers. She loves her.
She has not told the clinic that she will not sue, so in order to butter her up, they give her a 2 week vacation so that she can relax and think.

Hottie lawyer, Justin, is at the same hotel. He is on vacation with his 2 kids. Justin and Meredith meet one day on the beach and sensing that she needs a friend, Justin invites her and her baby to hang out with him and his family.
Justin works for the clinic that Meredith went to. They are not aware that they are connected through the clinic though.

Justin and Meredith grow close. They make love, and have plans to continue their relationship once they both get home.

Their relationship is tested when Justin finds out who Meredith is. Before he has a chance to tell her who it is he works for, Meredith finds out and she is angry. She thinks that he has been playing her the whole time. Thats not the case though. Justin really wasn't aware of who Meredith was.

Child of her heart is a good interracial romance. I am part of an interracial marriage and we have three kids, so I understood the feelings that Meredith was having when it came to Justin. There was just enough to make it real, but not so much that it over powered the love story.


  1. Rowena // 8:37 p.m.  

    Oh wow, this sounds really is she white and he's black or something like that? It sounds really cool, I wanna read it. Adding it to my list, thanks!

  2. Rowena // 8:37 p.m.  

    Never mind, I looked at the cover.LOL.