Who's afraid of Happy endings?

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A documentary about romance, and romance writers. In case you missed it the last time I posted about it, it is airing again!

Go here to see the blog of Joanna D'Angelo, who is the writer/director/producer.

It airs Sunday June 10th at 6 pm (EST) on Bravo!

It chronicles the stories of three dynamic romance writers: Kelly Boyce, an
aspiring writer who makes her first pitch at a Romance Writers’ of America (RWA)
Conference in gambling mecca Reno, Nevada; Kayla Perrin, a contemporary romance author who's making a move into the big, bold world of erotica and Kathryn Smith who has her sights set on the best seller lists as she delves into the “dark
side” of paranormal romance.

It also features interviews with some of the brightest stars in the genre including Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber, Jennifer Crusie, Eloisa James and Jo Beverley.

Check it out! I got to see it already, and it was really good. Romance readers will not want to miss it.


  1. Lori // 10:12 p.m.  

    I was at RWA in Reno!!! If they show the literacy book signing - look for me - LOL!!!

  2. Anonymous // 1:35 p.m.  

    I have a question of a selfish nature, I too was at the convention in Reno, does the documentary show the swordfight demonstration? Even just 10 seconds?

    thanks in advance

  3. Rowena // 3:01 p.m.  

    Dang it, I missed it! Was this good?