November reads.

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Oh, dear. In November I read my lowest number of books per month so far this year. I'm not sure what happened there. I think the problem was that my TBR pile is the biggest it has ever been, so I got overwhelmed when it's time to start a new book.

Tell me, what did you read last month? Anyone else not like CR? Anyone love Virgin River as much as I did?

I'm a hurry right now, ot time to post a new pic or tell you exciting news about a new job I have. I will fill you all in on it on a later date though.

1)Tag, you're it by Penny McCall
2)Secrets of a summer night by Lisa Kleypas
3)The perfect bride by Brenda Joyce
4)A highlander for Christmas by Sandy Blair
5)The pirate wench by Melinda Barron
6)Submission by Lora Leigh
7)Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister
8)Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty
9)Off-season by Carol Lynne
10)Obsidian butterfly by Laurell K Hamilton
11)Virgin River by Robyn Carr
12)Tiger's eye by Chatherine Chernow
13)Definitely dead by Charlaine Harris
14)Nauti nights by Lora Leigh
15)The stranger by Elizabeth Lane.


  1. nath // 1:48 p.m.  

    You too? I think that it's the weather... or perhaps, it's a virus attacking romance readers LOL :) but you still read a few good books :D VR!

  2. Isabel // 3:05 p.m.  

    I'm reading Virgin River right now. So far I'm enjoying and I want to have Jack move in with me. lol

  3. Dev // 7:22 p.m.  

    I'm still reading Virgin River ~ about 150 pages into it. It's good so far. Hopefully, I'll be able to curl up and concentrate so I can finish it tomorrow.

  4. Erin // 2:04 p.m.  

    Of your list I've read Obsidian Butterfly and Caine's Reckoning.

    15 books in one month is quite a book. Usually I'm only 9 -12. This month will be much larger for me as in the past four days I've read 7 already lol.

    I also tagged you for a new meme over at my blog :)