Kept woman

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Wanted:Kept woman by JW McKenna
Published by Elloras cave
Why I read this: I liked the office slave books, and this one is loosely connected to them.

When slightly chubby Suzanne Montgomery comes across a personal ad in her local free magazine for a "Kept Woman", she's intrigued enough to keep the paper, but not brave enough to respond. That is, until her best friend Wendy takes her by the bra straps, encourages her to get over her crazy ex-husband, lose the weight she's been complaining about and move on with her life.Encouraged, Suzanne emerges from her sheltering cocoon a new woman. New hair, clothes and attitude regarding her body—along with the help of her "I'm not taking no for an answer" girlfriend—give her the courage to respond to the ad that continues to not only run in the magazine but in her mind. It also helps that her current battery-operated boyfriend isn't doing such a great job lately.

Enter Brian Armstrong, a self-made man, dating all the wrong women. He's good-looking and the CEO of Armstrong Control Systems. Women want him—want to change him, that is…control him. But what he wants is a sexy, confident, intelligent…submissive woman. Oh yeah, and one who likes Chinese food and miniature golf. With the help of his Administrative Assistant, a sexually submissive woman herself, Brian places a personal ad for the woman of his dreams. Someone willing to be "kept" by him. Loved by him. Controlled by him. Eat pizza with him.When Suzanne and Brian meet, sparks fly and dreams of a possible future emerge but then so, too, does Suzanne's just out of jail ex-husband.

Brian is a rich CEO who is sick and tired of his love life. All the woman he dates turn out to be shallow gold diggers, who are much to forward.
With the help of his secretary he decides to put out a personal add, ISO of a kept woman. A woman who is naturally submissive.

Suzanne (who was not in Office Slave, but was mentioned as the ex-secretary who stopped working for Jack after she got married) is also looking for love. Well, she is really looking to get laid. Her last relationship was with her ex-husband. A super jerk, abusive stalker.

Kept woman was not at all what I expected. Considering the title I was expecting some BDSM, but it wasn't like that at all. The most dominating that Brian got was to order their meals ahead of time without giving Suzanne a chance to look at the menu, and to tell Suzanne what to wear when they went away together for the weekend.

I'll give Kept woman a C+. I liked the H/H a lot, and the psychology of them figuring out that the others is just what they need was well written. It was believable and made sense.
Good book!


  1. Holly // 1:23 p.m.  

    You crack me up.

    This book does sound interesting. I might have to check it out. :)