Worst books of 2007

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My bad book list isn't that long. Thank gosh!

The Vampire Queen's servant by Joey W Hill,
I didn't hate the book, but I hated how I was so excited about something that turned out to be so boring. It wasn't even sexy.
This one pained me, as I have enjoyed every book the author released. Before this one.

Claiming the courtesan by Anna Campbell,
It still boggles my mind that so many people can read CTC and consider those first two 'love' scenes as forced seduction. It was rape. The line between forced seduction and plain force was crossed big time.

Cold as ice by Anne Stuart,
TSTL Heroine and boring book to boot.

Kiss of darkness, by Heather Graham,
Another one that was just really bad. A very important ingredient in romance is sexual tension and chemistry between the H/H. Kiss of darkness lacked both.

Double Jeopardy by Rachel Bo,
Okay, I'm not sure if this was published in '07 or not, but I read it last year and it is is the number one worst book I have read in my entire life. I received several emails about how funny my review was for it, but really, the book is baaaaad.

One disturbing trend that I'm confused about is that 4 of of my favourite ebook authors made the switch to print in '07. Thats good for them, but bad for me because I was disappointed in every book each of them they released in print. I'm not sure why that happened. Crappy :(

They wrote MUCH better with they were doing it for epubs.


  1. ames // 9:15 p.m.  

    Is one of those ebook authors that switched to print Maya Banks? Her print book I read wasn't that great, compared to her ebooks.

  2. Chantal // 9:24 p.m.  

    Yup, Maya Banks is one of them :(
    Her epub releases are SO good. Her NY release....meh.