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Secret Sacrifices by Jannifer Hoffman

Driver, Jamie LeCorre, competing in the male dominated Stock Car Racing field, needs a tape that will exonerate her from a deadly crash. Weary of dealing with domineering, chauvinistic males, she is suddenly attracted to just such a man. A man who can get her tape.

Quint Douglas has sworn off high profile, over intelligent women. He discovers the blond bimbo of his dreams, trying to change a flat on a pink BMW. Offering help, he uses a bit too much attitude and is shot down. Quint struggles to win her over in spite of his deep-seated fear of speed.

Together they enter the tight knit Stock Car Racing world to investigate an old murder, a new body, and a highway collision—all tied together, with too many suspects. Quint tries to keep Jamie from being the next victim even as she races around the track at 180 miles an hour, pursued by those who would like to see her eliminated, in more ways than one.

Available this Tuesday, November 18'th, at Resplendence Publishing.


  1. Lisa // 4:22 p.m.  

    Very nice cover.
    Is that a new publisher? How is the customer service?

  2. Seneca // 7:18 p.m.  

    HI lisa,

    It is a nice cover, isn't it? :)
    The service is great!!